Richard Jones

: 29 sept. 2018

A propos

I am the CEO of RDJ Consultants, The Funding Opportunities Advisory Group, specialising in enabling clients to access European, UK and National Innovation funding.
We support Research, Development & Management of Innovative grant funded projects.

With offices in Brussels, Istanbul, London, Madrid and Paris, we are a co-operative network of Independent Consultants, all experts in their fields.

The Funding Opportunities Advisory Group has a significant track record for successful applications to a number of EU, Horizon 2020, H2020, Structural Funds and National Government Grant programmes.

Our expertise includes: Research, Development & Innovation; Smart Cities; Innovative Technologies; Life Sciences; Green Transport; Renewable Energy; Cyber security; Sustainability; Agricultural Innovation;

Secteurs d'expertise:

 Développement rural
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Technologie bas carbone
 Protection environnementale
 Culture et développement
 Gestion d'entreprise
 Direction financière
 Gestion de projets internationaux

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