Pranvera Leka

: 4 juin 2019

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Pranvera Leka graduated in Economics in 1991 at the University of Tirana, Albania and she holds a MBA, a Master in International Business obtained at The MIB Trieste School of Management, Italy.
From 2005 she has been focusing on European Priorities, EU Instruments and Strategies for SME’s, Startups with focus on Research and Innovation Programmes.
In April 2016 she has joined IDP International Développement Partenariat, a consultancy company based in Brussels supporting European businesses to develop their innovative projects by obtaining the grants they should be entitled to. furthermore, She is a a Country Manager for Italy and an European Consultant, member of the IDP Task Force working on the business plan project feasibility and on proposing the appropriate EU funds. She collaborates with Italian incubators and accelerators to support early stage startups with innovative ideas, to rapidly increase their businesses offering mentorship on building a business model and on expanding into the market. She contributes in the preparation of European projects on Research and ;

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