Petronia Moraru

: 12 déc. 2018

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I am a physics teacher.

I work at a Technical College, my students' age is between 14 and 19.

I just finished an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for school education, named "BRINGING LIFE INTO THE CLASSROOM:  innovative use of mobile devices in the educational process".

Now I coordinate another KA201 project, ”Science Connect”

As partners, we developed other projects, like ”The teaching approach of STEAM - A meaningful education”, "Under the same sky" or EUROPEAN DIGI CLASS, aiming the digitalization of education provided by my school, in classes, or ;

I want to involve my school for KA2 projects, to support my students and their transition to an active life.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie

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