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Ostacolo Carmine

: 30 août 2019

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The major scientific activity of Dr. Ostacolo is focused on the computationally assisted design and synthesis of small molecules and/or peptides endowed with pharmacological properties. He acquired a solid experience concerning alternative synthetic methods such as microwave-assisted and continuous flow chemistry.  He is also actively involved in studies about the improvement of the pharmacokinetic properties of pharmacologically active substances (particularly form food matrices) by using either computational and analytical approach. During the last years the research activities of Dr. Ostacolo have also focused on the molecular and chemical aspects concerning corneal cross-linking procedures, collaborating to the development of a new topical formulation for riboflavin ocular delivery and becoming one of the founder of the spin-off consortium Fastlinking, aimed to realize scientific/technological transfer in the field of corneal cross-linking.

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 Sciences Biologiques

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