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: 20 nov. 2018

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Microcosmi scs was established as a "not for profit organisation" in Lodi on March 3, 2010, in accordance with Italian Law 381/91. We aim to manage social-health and education services to build and cultivate an empowered and open-minded local community.

 We provide several multi-disciplinary services such as:

  • recruitment agency, specialized in counseling and professional development for young adults;
  • promoting a cohesive community working with locals, first and second-generation immigrants. For instance, with the “Lodi Città Aperta” projects we became local leaders for integration, intercultural and inter-generational issues in our area.
  • activities to promote Restorative Justice;
  • partnering and leading projects to support inclusion for people in an external criminal prosecution and creating projects to support groups for parents of juvenile delinquents;
  • lead and partner in project ideas that cover a number of issues relating to the Enviroment: Climate change, Recycling and Pollution.

We are involved in many networks and projects where we work in partnership with other local actors to bring together a broad spectrum of scholars, policy experts and practitioners in several areas of social science, psychology, and the law.

To get an overview on our ongoing and past projects please visit our "progetti" page on our website.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Innovation sociale
 Fonds Asile, Migration et Intégration (AMIF)
 Culture et développement
 Europe créative

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