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: 7 nov. 2019

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Marin Barleti University (UMB) is a private institution of higher education in Albania founded and established in 2005, operating fully in Bologna System. Marin Barleti University has pursued collaboration with local, regional and western Universities aimed at fostering European cooperation in strategic areas of interest such as political sciences, sociology, psychology, economics, IT, architecture and it has established cooperation agreements with partner universities in EU and broader.

This is a general structure of the university.

Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Faculty of Social Sciences, Tourism and Sport

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Creative Industries

Also, an important role is played by Barleti professional and Barleti training and testing center, offering vocational education training. UMB has established all support structures and practices to welcome international staff and students and offers support in all phases from inception to implementation of joint projects/mobilities.

The University per se has extensive experience of involvement in European research and capacity building projects;

  1. Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities;[1] (first Jean Monnet awarded to Albanian universities)
  2. Erasmus+ CBHE ‘QAinAL’-lead by University of Salzburg
  3. Tempus Program “Developing Human Rights Education at the Heart of Higher Education in the Western Balkans”[2] ;
  4. Europe for Citizens Programme, ‘European Cosmopolitanism and Sites of Memory through Generations’[3].
  5. Unesco Chair in “Multiculturalism, Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights in the Balkans”; Horizon 2020; IADSA Programme;
  6. IPA CBC Italy-Montenegro: IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro etc.
  7. Moreover, individual members of staff have been involved in bids under FP6 and FP7 as well as research arising out of research sponsored by European and national government agencies (DfES, UK), research councils (HEFCE, UK), as well as non-governmental organizations (UN Women).

UMB has an International Strategy set in place and an internal Erasmus+ Policy Document, in order to align all practices with those of EU partner universities and the programme guidelines.  The institution is committed to creating all the opportunities and facilities for the reception and accommodation of international students and academic staff. It plans to evaluate the offer of study programs or special classes in some of the European Union languages ​​as well, to make them more attractive as well as to facilitate the integration of foreign students and invited professors within academic exchanges.


[1] 553208-epp-1-2014-1-al-eppjmo-chair, Jean Monnet Chair on EU Enlargement and its Impact on the Western Balkans

[2] 517319- Tempus-1-2011-1-UK-Tempus-JPCR, “Developing Human Rights Education at the Heart of Higher Education in the Western Balkans”

[3] Action 4 - Active European Remembrance, Ref. 533423, IT

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Coopération transfrontalière

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