Interested in a Partnership (Marin Barleti University)

il y a 4 ans

Marin Barleti University



Recherche partenariat

UMB is open to create partnerships within:
-Erasmus+ CBHE

We have proved to be reliable partners and experienced in fund absorption and management form EU projects. With regard to Erasmus+, the strategy of internationalization highly emphasizes the exchange of staff and students. To this end, UMB has an Institutional Erasmus+ Policy document that has set practices and regulations covering all aspects of KA107 implementation at UMB.

 Europe créative
 Stratégie de l'UE Région Adriatique-Ionienne
 Horizon Europe
 Programme Droits, Égalité et Citoyenneté
 Subventions EEE et Norvège

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