Madhi abdelwaheb Activiste société civil et millitant droits de l'homme President of civil pole for developement and human right

: 8 août 2016

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Training courses

  • participation, The Political School of Tunis #TSo: training cycle on "Inclusive public policies and citizen participation" with the support of the International Organization of La Francophonie #OIF,
  • Participation a training workshop organized by the Arab Institute for Human Rights, entitled "Methodology of five steps for effective strategic advocacy"
  • participation au cycle de  de formation organisé par FSVC et ATCP et le thème Suivi et Analyse des Budgets et sous la supervision d' experts Sabrina Joy-Hogg Deputy City Manager City of Norfork ,Virginia et. Michael Maul Associates Director Virginia Department of Planning and Budget et  "Evaluation des programmes du secteur public" les facilitateur M Ted Kniker et MJohn Wiles (deux expert américain spécialiste "Senior VP")
  • Participation in the csfs program (Southern Mediterranean Partnership) funded by the European Union, and in the end we obtained a certificate of trainer in the field of social accountability accredited by the European Union
  • Participation in the Open Database Training Workshop organized by the Institute of Natural Resources Governance (NRGI) and obtaining a certificate of competence in the field
  • Participation in a training workshop on anti-corruption mechanisms organized by the Civil Society Support Program (PASC)
  • Participation in the civil society development program implemented by the Civil Society Support Program (PASC), which includes an in-depth training in a number of areas related to activating the role of civil society activists and developing their capacities through a year- long training program.


Participation in TRAINING diploma, led by the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE) in the framework of the project "Capacity Building for NGOs, Civil Society Leaders, Journalists and Local Government Officials in partnership with the Middle East Partner hip Initiative. The themes as follows:

  • The Economy: An Introduction Democracy and Economy
  • Good Governance
  • Understanding the regulatory system in Tunisia
  • The Pleadings
  • Communication Campaigns
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Communication
    • Training on "Evaluation of Public Sector Programs" Facilitator M Ted Kniker and MJohn Wiles (two US expert specialist "Senior VP")

of professional bodies:

  • Founding member and member of the executive office of the National Coalition for Justice and Freedoms
  • Founding member of the Tunisian Association of Municipal Facilitators
  • Member of the Alliance for the Promotion of Renewable Energies
  • Member of the network of education and training and scientific research REFORS


skills :

A training course organized by Mercy Corps and MicroSoft team in the framework of enhancing the information capacities of the associations.

Position: Freelancer


 8. Trainer and Facilitator:

  • Certified Trainer from the Institute of Natural Resource Governance at Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
  • The election
  • Social accountability )Specialist in community assessment cards(
  • Advocacy
  • Evaluation of public policies and writing of political papers
  • Local governance, and youth and women's participation
  • Participatory Budget (Facilitators Participatory PIC of the governorate Medenine)
  • Training in the five-step methodology for effective strategic advocacy in the field of human rights from the Arab Institute for Human Rights
  • A human rights monitor under the supervision of the National Democratic Institute (NED)



Secteurs d'expertise:

 Égalité des sexes
 Groupes minoritaires
 Culture et développement
 Droit de l'immigration
 Droit international
 Arabe tunisien

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