Madalina Anastasiu

: 18 janv. 2018

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ISPE – Institutul de Studii si Proiectari Energetice (Institute for Studies and Power Engineering) (RO)

Founded in 1949, ISPE became, after several restructuring processes, a 100 % private Romanian Company. National energy engineering leader, ISPE developed, through its projects, practically all the national energy chain, from the energy generation up to end-consumers, including measures for increasing the energy efficiency and RES ;

Against the background of energy market liberalisation and globalisation facing Eastern and Central European countries, ISPE has succeeded, due to a balanced management policy, in keeping up its leading position. ISPE's medium and long-term development goals follow closely by EU energy legislation (EED and EPBD) and the implementation of them in to the objectives of the national energy strategy.

The transition to a sustainable energy future, in the Eastern and Central Europe, is reflected within ISPE’s strategy by implementing, through its projects, cleaner technologies and imposing the use of energy resources in an environmental friendly manner. ISPE has a good experience in cooperation into energy and environment national and international programmes. In the last time, ISPE has promoted and developed through its projects, new and efficient technologies, services and products such as: passive house, smart grid, smart metering, carbon capture and storage, high-efficient cogeneration combined with RES using, etc.

One of the main success projects is "Passives Houses built in accordance with Romanian climatic conditions" (2008-2011) coordinated and co-financed by ISPE. This project was elaborated based on ISPE's experience gained through its participation, as partner, in PASS-NET project (2007-2010) co-financed by IEE programme.

Madalina ANASTASIU, , Expert in Energy Efficiency issues

She has graduated Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Romania - Power Engineering Faculty and is key account manager – Business Development Department - Institute for Studies and Power Engineering – ISPE SA Bucharest).

She is experienced in process engineering for opportunity, prefeasibility and feasibility studies in the energy field, economic /financial analysis for investments projects, project application documentations for research-development national and international programs, economic /financial analysis for investments projects.

She participated to the performance of the following projects (selection): Establishment of a Co-operation Network of Passive House Promoters (PASS-NET); Passive Houses built in accordance with Romanian climatic conditions; Promoting best practices of innovative smart metering services to European regions” (SmartRegions); Promotion to Regional Bioenergy Initiatives” (PromoBio).

She is member of the professional associations: PASS-NET (European network for the promoting of passive house concept), Romanian Energy Policy Association (APER), EUROHEAT & POWER (The International Association for District Heating, District Cooling and Combined Heat and Power) and WEC-RNC.


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Efficacité énergétique
 Énergie renouvelable
 Gestion des déchets
 Protection environnementale
 Coopération transnationale

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