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Little Angels school ltd

: 8 mars 2016

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my name is john bosco harerimana , i live in Rwanda exactly in kigali , i faunder and director of Little angels school  ltd i m help the poorest children and youth with disabilities , we  are doing that because the youth has passing in difficult sitwation during war of 1994 , they have died mentalic and need  to approch them to help through different activities and games , but special in art activities to bring them happness ,  now these one whom like youth adults are really to have people to help them to create their future , by help with different advice and give them  some opinion to follow. so everything we are doing we want to help to increase the art capacity whoever they are in poorest country , our main is to reach Burundi , where the youth are more  crime and need hope through the social psycology   and some country also. thanks

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 Apprentissage des adultes
 Mobilité des jeunes

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