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we are looking to have partnership with youth exchanges and developing the youth in social psychology, our country in Rwanda the youth and poorest children  need to have exachange with developpping countries to help them to grow in mental , in materials and even in financials facilities,  we help the youth with youth with different games and art  and even the children by given the base education ,but we need to become more creative to help them  to grow in social mind and in creative of job , the most countries of EASTER african coutries, like Rwanda , Burundi  the youth need more attention and people to help them in creative to remove them in poverty , some youth are  staying at their homes  after primary school  because of unsufficient of create or problems of social psycology , with much crime and  some they are  speelling on street and drinking drugs even  they are hungry stomach , they are thinking about their future but they could not see the away of reaching that,  our partnership with you we will helpus tp moveafforward . thanks

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