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: 29 juin 2020

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Karate club Knjaz from the town of Arandjelovac in Srbia is one of the best sports clubs in the Republic of Serbia. The coaches and competitors of our karate club are winners of medals at European and World championships in WKF karate. Curent best karategi in our club is Jovana  Prekovic who won the title of senior European champion in 2017, and she won the title of senior World champion in 2018. We except from Jovana one of the medals at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 .

In addition to training and competition capacities, our club also has a highly educated managerial staff led by Assoc. Prof. Dragan Atanasov, PhD, who in his career was a member of the Governing Board of the EPAS body of the Council of Europe. He was in charged for writing Strategies for the Development of Sports in the Republic of Serbia, the National Strategy for Combating Violence at Sports Events in the Republic of Serbia, participated in the writing of the Law on Sports of the Republic of Serbia ...

At this moment, we are not participants in any project and we will follow all available calls related to the sports segment

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 Stratégies macrorégionales de l'UE
 Stratégie de l'UE pour la région du Danube

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