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: 23 oct. 2017

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A propos

Our headquarters are located in the town of Cellino Attanasio, Abruzzo region (Italy). Created in 2002, Itaca is a not for profit making agency, which serves the whole territory in order to take initiatives in the field of local development, based upon the principles of sustainability, an integrated approach,  diversification and coordination. Our mission is to improve local development of deprived or marginalised areas by supporting people and their participation in new initiatives and ;

Our members (>200) are Local Authorities, Small and Medium Enterprises, Schools, Citizens, Youth and Cultural Associations.

ITACA is also currently in charge for the management of a rural development centre and a public library.

Our activities

  • Information and technical assistance regarding regional, national and European subsidies
  • Information management and spreading
  • Promotion of economic activities within the territory
  • We do analyses and studies
  • We do training activities
  • We do, coordinate and manage local development plans and projects
  • Promotion of international cooperation, search both for partners and cooperation opportunities between different regions and countries
  • Actions in the fields of tourism, farming, local crafts and SMEs, services, environmentalprotection, culture and heritage, youth policies

Participation in Eu funding programmes

Acting on behalf of our members (applicants or partners), we were involved in the following projects:

  • Réseau Tramontana - Creative Europe and Culture 2007/2013 (small cooperation projects 2012/2013 -2014/2015 - 2017/2018 with France, Spain, Poland and Portugal)
  • SEE Youth, PBA, Contact-Create-Improve-Develop Quality EVS Projects - Erasmus+ KA1:
  • SISTERS - Sharing Ideas for Sustainable Tourism: an Event for Relevant Stakeholders" - Europe for Citizens
  • COARPA - Interreg IIIA (about female entrepreneurship with Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia)
  • FAST - Information measures related to CAP (Reg 814/2000)
  • Learning with Europe – Grundtvig II Programme (with Spain, France and Romania)
  • Fasadetoru – Grundtvig II Programme (with Spain and France)
  • Local development and sustainability – Town Twinning Programme (Sweden, Estonia, Poland)
  • European day of stone – Youth Programme (youth exchanges)
  • Impressions from Poland – Youth Programme (youth exchanges)
  • With the current of Vistula - Youth Programme (youth exchanges)
  • Art Modeling of Regional Objects - Youth Programme (youth exchanges)
  • Cultural Vertigo - Youth in Action Programme (youth exchanges in Bulgaria)
  • ERDF and ESF (start up and enterprise creation, tourism development)

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Renforcement des compétences
 Protection environnementale
 Développement et coopération
 Tourisme durable
 Héritage culturel
 Politique de cohésion
 Stratégie de l'UE Région Adriatique-Ionienne
 Europe pour les citoyens

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