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: 23 févr. 2019

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      Hitit University, founded in 17 March 2006 in Çorum, with full of trust and peace and the shining star of the region situated, presents students a safe future that guarantees quality education by representing both civilizations and innovation with colorful university experience and employment-focused departments through the slogans “The Sun of Knowledge Enlightening the Civilization”, “The Most Special State University” and “Distinguished City - World University”.

Hitit University taking firm steps forward for its goal as a contemporary university having national and international reputation, integrated with its region and industry in every direction and open to innovation with the slogan “Distinguished City - World Class University” attracts attention as one of the most rapidly developing universities.

      In the direction of great targets, we made an untiring effort and got the positive results quickly. Since 2006 when education started, Hitit University has been offering high quality education to students, of which is graduate students in 8 faculties, 3 institutions, 3 schools and 8 vocational schools. There are also 173 foreign students registered in our university, the majority of whom are from the Central Asian Republics. On the other hand, we are hosting our students from 27 different countries, from Europe to North Africa, from the Middle East to the Balkans and the Caucasus. Our studies on the restructuring of education and training are continuing rapidly in order to improve the quality of education for a university competing with world standards and the world, continue education in a more contemporary and flexible structure and offer our students a successful and versatile future. Our ultimate goal is to graduate individuals who know at least one foreign language, read a lot, make research, investigate, follow their goals and have no worries about their future.

       At the same time, 13 research and application centers of our university have been carrying out more detailed researches on many subjects by our expert instructors and there is also a Training and Research Hospital of our university. All these training activities are carried out by 642 teaching staff and nearly 400 administrative staff working full time in our university. Thus, Hitit University has become a large institution with a population of about 19,000.

       Hitit University Faculty of Sport Sciences has 3 departments. Coaching Education, Sport Management and Physical Education and Sport.







  1. World Universities Wrestling Championship 2016; The aim of the project is to meet different countries’ athletes and different cultures in Corum. About 750 participants joined to the championship from 10 different  countries.
  2. European Universities Futsal Championship 2017; The aim of the project is to to meet different countries’ athletes and different cultures in Corum.
  3. 9th Conference of the International Society For the Social Sciences of Sport 2017; The aim of the project is to meet different countries’ academicians in Corum. To contribute to science about different disciplines.

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 Renforcement des compétences
 Innovation sociale
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Enseignement supérieur
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie
 Horizon Europe

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