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: 20 mai 2020

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Founded in 2015 by Guillaume MOUHAT and Gaëtan LEFEVRE, G+G Media Groupe is a Paris based SME specialising in communications, media, publications, trainings, webinars and industrial markets analysis.

Active in several fields, its primary activity is the communication information and dissemination of projects on Advanced and especially Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. Its targets are European industries and clusters, Research and Innovation centers, Universities and endusers, further than all the stakeholders active in the Industry Arena.

To achieve such goal, G+G Media Groupe produces, edit and distributes since 2016 the A3DM Magazine, on both print and digital supports. A3DM Magazine has been recognised as “the” benchmark publication for several years and continues its growth, becoming a multilingual media platform as of 2018, while as of August 2020 the English and French content will be regularly consolidated.

Following the expertise developed by its top managers in Conferences, training and workshops management, as of 2018, G+G Media Groupe added events organisation to its business model, with a new concept of congresses, once again dedicated to professional Advanced and Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, initially traveling as a “Tour de France”, in order to reach industrial partners and stakeholders in their region, with a future view on European Regional development. The most recent stage of the Tour happened on February 5th and 6th 2020, in Bordeaux, and will continue its journey in Nantes on June 26th 2020, in Strasbourg in October 2020 and in Marseille in December 2020.

Last but not least, G+G Media Groupe also produces video and digital media content for its own purposes and for clients as well.

Specifically in terms of Communications and Dissemination, GGMG has already developed in the past decade a strong collaboration with technical stakeholders (companies, universities, research centers etc.) as to support the presentation of their projects’ achievements to the wide professional arena. Such aim is the direct implication of the recent strategic focus of the European Commission on the importance of communicating the successful results of funded project. For example, currently, the main contact of GGMG in charge of the proposal has been leading the Communication and Dissemination tasks of the 4DHybrid Project, whose objective is to develop a new concept of hybrid additive manufacturing based on the modular integration of compact, low cost modules including laser source, deposition head, sensors and control. Among the participants, a prominent role is played by the project coordinator Primaindustrie, GE, LMS, SUPSI and Siemens. Among the main achievements, the successful management of the Communication and Dissemination tasks for the 4DHybrid Project, led on 26 September 2019, to have the 4D Hybrid project and SUPSI being awarded the Overall Grand Prix of the Innovation Radar Prize 2019, as well as the women-led innovation category prize for 2019 during the European Research & Innovation Days organized in Brussels, by the European Commission Research and Innovation DG.

GGMG is aware that advanced manufacturing is fundamental for the well-functioning of Europe’s economy. It underpins every other Commission initiative, but especially the push for jobs and growth. Without a strong and sustainable manufacturing sector, Europe’s competitiveness will not improve.

GGMG is also an active supporter of the dissemination among European stakeholders of European-level research projects and other platforms and is among the European leading provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions and has been a key driver of innovation in the meetings, events, association, and congress industries since it was founded in 2015. Over the years, we have delivered many events of all sizes.

Thanks to its communications capabilities, GGMG has gained thorough experience in EU industrial and innovation and works closely with EU stakeholders’ communities in various areas such as Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Transport and Mobility, advanced (and additive) manufacturing, energy, ICT and digital, healthcare, regional policies and entrepreneurship.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Développement durable
 Fabrication industrielle
 Innovation & Recherche
 Horizon Europe
 Union européenne
 Gestion de projets internationaux
 Développement des affaires
 Rédaction technique
 Internet des objets (IoT)

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