Interested in a Partnership (G+G Media Groupe)

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G+G Media Groupe

Organisation de soutien aux entreprises


Recherche partenariat

Our expertise could be summarized as follows:
• We raise public awareness and disseminate research projects by organizing promotion stands, seminars, workshops, conferences at relevant industry exhibitions;
• We establish communication channels and create working groups for manufacturers in order to promote the new solutions and other benefits offered by research project to all stakeholders;
• We support the application of project results and findings and their industrial validation;
• We enable links between project results and standardization as well as policies and regulations;
• We build platforms to bring together research partners and external stakeholders (e.g. companies) which are interested in project findings and to facilitate the commercialization of projects.

 Coopération internationale
 Développement et coopération
 Fabrication industrielle
 Horizon Europe
 Union européenne
 Gestion d'entreprise
 Écriture d'affaires
 Internet des objets (IoT)

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