: 21 févr. 2020

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Contrasens Cultural Association is a Romanian NGO founded 2015 that operates with Art, Culture and Education through culture for children, youth and adults.
Contrasens Cultural Association is a hub for local and emergent contemporary art and artists, a platform for education, training and growth through culture. We support and document the production of Romanian contemporary art and promote it in Romania as well as abroad and act as an interface between artists, public and sponsors in order to make the cultural space accessible, inclusive and to engage the new public with contemporary art.
Our main purpose is to contribute to the development of a professional, democratic and transformative cultural context through: (i) development and implementation of activities of education through and for culture and promoting European citizenship and democracy (ii) realization, coordination and implementation of cultural projects at local, national and European level, (ii) and (iii) development of own cultural ;

Our expertise is in mediation and art-based non-formal education programs, including critical thinking through art and films in curating and producing visual art projects with a declared political and social dimension built on art as shaped and shaping the social and the ;

Our organization aims to engage in projects that focus on socially engaged art, on education through art and film and on new approaches to engaging diverse audiences with contemporary art, that are built on the synergy between local & international cultural society, between art, research and education, between public and private stakeholders.

Our Projects in progress are EUROPA WONDERLAND, CITIZENSHIP AND TERRITORIES - visual art; ACCESS MEDIA - media literacy, THE OTHER EUROPE CINEMA - Film Literacy.

We are following CREATIVE EUROPE and EEA and Norway Grants.

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Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Éducation artistique
 Gestion culturelle
 Film et média
 Nouveau média
 Arts visuels

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