: 19 déc. 2019

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CEIFAcoop is a non-profit cooperative that offers consulting, research and education with the aim to contribute to a more sustainable development. We are a collective of people combining a broad range of professional competenciesour sphere of actitvity spanns from the local to the regional and the international level. We have been involved in various European projects, the most recent ones being SDGs Labs - Incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into modern business practices of the agribusiness and food production sector (currently in work) and UrbanWINS - Urban Metabolism Accounts for Building Waste Management Innovative Networks and Strategies (closed in May 2019). We are interested in international projects and partnerships addressing environmental and social challenges (climate change, sustainable production and consumption) and aiming at sustainability oriented economic, political, cultural responses that promote integrated solutions for the managment of resources, materials, energy and ;

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 Transfert de technologie

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