Carmen Torres PhD (University of Jaén, Spain)

: 1 déc. 2017

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I am interested in the scientific study of psychological processes involved in situations of surprising reward loss. Surprising reward loss is a source of stress, negative emotions, psychological pain, affective disorders and addictive behavior. I use animal models to explore the behavioral, pharmacological, neurobiological and psychogenetic basis of reward loss (including reward devaluation, reward omission and uncertainty). My current research lines are (1) reward loss, emotional self-medication and addiction; (2) transfer among reward loss situations and resilience; (4) psychogenetic basis of reward loss; and (5) brain circuitry and reward loss: the role of the lateral habenula in the processing of worse than expected outcomes. In addition, recent humans studies conducted in our lab will allow to develop experimental reward loss tasks designed to induce psychological pain and explore its relationship and interactions with physical pain.

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 Sciences Biologiques
 Santé mentale

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