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: 21 nov. 2019

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ANDALTEC is a private non-profit entity with research capacities recognized as National Plastic Technological Centre (Spain). Its main objective aims at improving competitiveness of companies mainly of plastics and processed metals sectors and strengthening the economy through research, technological development and innovation.

Issues regarding the circular economy are one of our prior strategic lines. In this sense, Andaltec can contribute to the performance of recyclable processes and practices aimed to use secondary raw materials implemented as added value products. Moreover, we work in the development of new biopolymers (biodegradable plastic materials and/or compostable), to make waste components, sourced from agriculture or urban solid waste, as well as natural organic sub-product or even lignocellulosic feedstock, useful for a range of nowadays ;

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Fabrication industrielle
 Industrie automobile

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