: 11 nov. 2020

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As  a legal representative of Hippotherapy Turkey network project that is funded by Euroepan Delegation, we want to create network in Turkey and empower Hippotherapy studies and standarts cross Europe. Hippotherapy Turkey has strong partnership among University,  Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education,  Ngo grom patient and Ngo from horses. Hippotherapy Turkey is located in Eskişehir in Turkey. So we are so motivated and interested in to involve in your programme. I am working about Neuroscience(PhD) and manager of Hippotherapy Research and implementation Center in Eskişehir Osmangazi University in Turkey. We have 3 important department , board from Prof. Neurologist who is working about neuroscince, 2. Neurologist (Autism,CP),, Addiction. For scientific studies therapists doctors from Diroctarate of Health for therapy sessions 3. Secretary of international and national ;

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 Thérapies Alternatives
 Droit européen

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