: 18 sept. 2023

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Disabled individuals have problems in finding their way and direction due to their disability. According to current data, it is seen that the number of disabled individuals coming to university is increasing day by day. For this reason, the adaptation process of disabled university students to university is becoming increasingly important. In this context, the aim of the project is to identify the problems of disabled students on campus in order to ensure accessibility, inclusiveness and equal opportunity in education. It is aimed to find a solution with the campus web application.

Sub-Aims of the Project: 1) Adapting to campus life

                                              2) Eliminating the difficulties of meeting the daily needs of disabled students on campus

                                               3) To provide support services that will reduce the need for another individual

They will be beneficial in the long run: Academic and administrative staff, drivers working in urban transportation and families of disabled students will also benefit. By obtaining the expected benefit from the project, in the final phase of the project, contribution will be made to the social development goals determined both at national and international level. In addition, by increasing the interaction of disabled people with each other and with the world, their integration into society at the international level will be ensured.

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 Enseignement supérieur

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