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: 27 août 2018

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The company Albert Schweitzer (ASW + W gGmbH) owns sheltered workshops and housing assisted accomodations for persons with disabilities and are facilities for professional and societal rehabilitation. It is our goal to give people with disabilities to live as autonomous and self-determined as possible, in a society for EVERYONE. The company belongs to the non-profit association Lebenshilfe Offenburg – Oberkirch ; Founded on the 15 of June 1965 the organization started out as a day-nursery or rather school for four children. Today the Albert-Schweitzer workshops includes app. 400 employees with disabilities working in three workshops at two different cities: Offenburg and Oberkirch.

ASW + W gemeinnützige GmbH is a not-for-profit company limited with close to 640 employees. About 400 of them have disabilities serious, primarily intellectual. Our work spans are accessible, supervised, housing assisted accommodation and offers on holiday, leisure, sports, education and employment of disabled people. Our experience as an employer of persons with disabilities also established us as an educational institution and personnel developer for persons with disabilities in the local region of the Ortenau. Our jobcoaches qualify, intermediate, accompany and in this way contribute to the participation, from the workshops to the common job market.

Work for ALL is our goal. And we are convinced: Work for everyone is possible in ALL companies. The ASW+ W gGmbh is certified as an educational institution according to AZAV since 2011 (german certification).

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 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Personnes defavorisées

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