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: 20 févr. 2020

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As part of the EU Erasums + (VET Mobilitites) program, we are both a sending organization and a hosting organization. Our goal is to support international  working experiences for trainees/apprentices/students, who finished one year or more of their ;
Sending: As a sending organization, we organize four-week internships abroad for apprentices from Germany. While we provide preparation and fundings, our partners organize working placements, language courses, accomodations, public transportation, pick up service on arrival and maybe some cultural program. For this we are looking for European cooperation partners who can host our groups.
Incoming: We are looking for new collaborations with sending organizations from other European countries, who like to send a group of apprentices/students/trainees to us. Important is, that they are within a training program. They could be in professional fields of any type: social, technical, handcraft, health, etc. We organize working placements, language classes, accomodations, public transportation, pick up service at the train station and - on demand - a cultural program.

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