Alicia Fajardo Márquez

: 23 mai 2019

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I am a qualified Tourism Expert and Project Manager specialized in Sustainable Tourism Development Programmes with more than 11 years of experience planning, developing and implementing Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Public Policies for a Regional Government. I have been responsible for:

- The implementation of Tourism Public Policies at regional level.

- Identification of collaboration opportunities in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation.

- Management of ETC Projects.

- Building relations and advocacy with European Union Institutions and International Organizations.

Since 2008, I have developed my professional activity as Tourism Expert for the Regional Ministry for Tourism in Andalusia, performing tasks of:

- The implementation of the Tourism Public Policies throughout Andalusia to help destinations to better plan and manage its local resources and the tourist activity.
- Identifying new collaboration opportunities for the Regional Ministry in the framework of European Cooperation Programmes.
- Building relations with European Union Institutions, International Organizations and stakeholders in the T&T sector.
- Research, analysis, and report of the T&T sector for the assessment in the planning and development of the Tourism Public Policies, working as a Policy Adviser for the Secretary-General for Tourism in Andalusia.

Currently, I work as a Freelance Tourism Consultant and Project Manager in:

- Planning, development, and management of Tourist Destinations; strategic and sustainability planning.
- Public Policies and management of Tourist ecosystems.
- Development of Tourism Products.
- European Cooperation Projects: search for collaboration opportunities and financing, preparation and follow-up of proposals, project management.
- Specialized training.


Secteurs d'expertise:

 Innovation sociale
 Développement durable
 Villes intelligentes
 Coopération interrégionale

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