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Be p'ART

Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016,

The “Associação Social Recreativa Juventude de Vila Fonche/Juventude” is a youth association that works with children and teenagers. Every day we try to develop different activities, recurring to informal educating techniques and methods, which brings the acquisition of new knowledge and competences for social and professional development of our target-public. The youth exchange “Be P’ART” was bor ...
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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016,

The youth unemployment is one of the social problems that more affects the european countries. This thought is very present at Associação Juventude de Vila Fonche, that intends, in the near future, to develop activities for young people in order to develop the youth entrepreneurship and prepare them for the labour market. With this propose we plan to rely with the collaboration of three young Euro ...
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Le volontariat, formation à la tolérance et à la citoyenneté européenne

Date du début: 24 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015,

Our project will enable young Europeans to experience the real social Europe and assist by their presence in a country that is not theirs, the host organization but also other people of all age to build a true European consciousness. The objectives of our project : - Promote the construction of a social Europe, taking particular account of the vulnerable groups in difficulties, and also awakens ...
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