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Be p'ART
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Associação Social Recreativa Juventude de Vila Fonche/Juventude” is a youth association that works with children and teenagers. Every day we try to develop different activities, recurring to informal educating techniques and methods, which brings the acquisition of new knowledge and competences for social and professional development of our target-public. The youth exchange “Be P’ART” was born from an idea of a Portuguese and a Belgium whom during a similar activity in Italy, decided to build a project based on art and its different varieties.When the young Portuguese arrived in Portugal, he presented us his ideas and offer himself, as a volunteer, to the creation of a youth exchange. Since one of our biggest concerns, as a Youth Association, aims to support teens to develop their ideas, we decided to support and work together in its creation.We pretend to do this exchange in Arcos de Valdevez, a village situated in Alto Minho with severe socioeconomic problems and during the last years has debated itself with a crescent rate of NEET(Not in Education, Employment, or Training) teens. The socioeconomic problems adding to the elevated teen unemployment rate affects our region and exposes increasingly this group to social exclusion situations.Art itself should be seen as an important social inclusion tool, complementing the several forms of learning development in its different areas of knowledge. By doing this exchange we have the following objectives:• Consolidate the importance of art concerning cultural development;• To appeal the creation of opportunities to avoid “artistic migration”;• Create a propitious ambience to innovation and creativity;• Acquire new tools/knowledges which bring added-values to the future of all participants;• Consolidate teens’ teamwork and capacity to socialize;• Create a fair to show the participants’ final works;• Develop Alto Minho region’s image;• Promote a living space to share traditions, which is able to provide cultural diversity comprehension;• Promote moments of familiarity, sharing and learning which enrich participant associations’ work.We pretend to have the collaboration of 5 heterogeneous groups from different European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Poland). Each group will be composed by two boys and two girls, to guarantee gender equality, with ages comprehended between 18 and 25 years, and a leader whom has to be 18 or older. One of the biggest concerns of all of the involved associations relates with the inclusion of NEET teens.Initially, in “Be P’ART” exchange each partner will make a specific workshop in order to proportionate to all participants the contact with art’s different varieties. During the exchange, teens will be given the opportunity to learn new techniques and methods that can be useful in their future and in their own ideas which will serve to insert NEET teens in the work market.Posteriorly, through multicultural group’s composition, each group will be responsible for the production and preparation for the final event (the fair). In these work moments, teens will put in practice all the learnings acquired during the workshops, promote the importance of group working and explore the present interculturality.The activities will be based in non formal educative techniques and methods (icebreakers, energizers, role plays, debates, workshops, etc.) and the participants will be oriented by a team of technics whom will be responsible for the elaboration of the exchange and their leaders.The realization of “Feira Mostra” will serve as an activity to show the exchange’s final works. This activity will be held in the center of Arcos de Valdevez village and it will be open to community. We hope that teens begin to have a more active role in their communities and that the acquired skills are important tools of inclusion and integration into the work market. These objectives are in line with what is stipulated by “Europe Strategy 2020”, which have as principal pillars, directed to the young generation, the promotion of social inclusion, mainly to teens from households faced with diverse problems, and the increase of the employment rate to 75%.



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