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: 15 janv. 2022

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Visit South Albania is an interconnection platform dedicated to the promotion of the south of Albania. The VSA will liaise and inform tourists and citizens about the most visited places, employment opportunities in the South Albania, real estate opportunities and will offer job opportunities for citizens. 

The platform has three main functionalities: (1). Promotion and identification of the most beautiful places in the south (hotels, restaurants, taxi services, tourist packages, boat trips, etc.). (2). The second section ( page) is dedicated to the promotion of the single appartments. The lack of information and the possibility to promote citizen’s places for the tourists, is a problem.  Since the south of Albania is mostly fully booked, we are giving a solution to the foreign tourists so they can have optional opportunities. (3) The third section (page) in the platform is dedicated to real estate opportunities (4). The fourth section (page) on the platform is an employment portal, which will connect employers with the employees. Employment sector is considered a lack in the tourism sector, that’s why the platform will give extra opportunities for helping the sector to be developed.  VSA is a platform that brings 4 services together and meets three key needs: (1). Tourists coming in the south have difficulties finding information about the most beautiful places to visit or eat. (2). Entrepreneurs / Businesses have difficulties every year finding human resources to employ during the summer season, so an employment platform dedicated to the sector is very necessary. (3). Supports the apartment rental sector by facilitating access and contact with tourists. 

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 Entrepreneuriat et PME

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