: 31 mars 2020

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Center for families, family businesses and Wealth

The name of this social enterprise enrobes a tripartite meaning in arabic, namely “Roots” , “Assets” and “Correctness” . Each term inlines the road map of ;

When “Roots” reflects our legacy and our inherent identity as humans, family members and citizens, “Assets” echoes our tangible and intangible resources that constitute our wealth in all its forms. These assets shall be owned or controlled for the best interests of its concerned stakeholders so as to generate value across generations. However, nothing can guarantee the protection of our “Roots” and “Assets” more than “Correctness” ; which resonates the proper rules and laws so as to adopt governance culture and structure, and promote planning throughout different life ;

Usuluna aims at linking our history and forging the future proactively by setting the right path towards sustainability. It reveals the mechanism that allows the preservation of the human, family and national heritage over generations. Such a mechanism cannot operate without building healthy relationships; which vary depending on the role, position and ;

We believe that legacy, innovation and entrepreneurship are not oxymorons. Our community cannot sustain growth without regenerating creativity by enhancing our values, being smartly connected to our roots while practicing sustainability, responsibly and consciously, and fostering the digital ecosystems so as to compete in the digital ;

Usuluna is considered the vehicle that seeks sustainability by protecting human dignity, and promoting economic and social stability and ;

Our stakeholders are: 

       ● Individuals and Groups 

       ● Small and extended families 

       ● Family members of all ages, genders, relationships, roles, positions, and 

       ● Family businesses of all sectors, forms, structures, generations and ;

       ● Family business stakeholders 

       ● Family wealth stakeholders. Wealth in terms of moral, financial, material 
(movable and immovable), human and environmental assets and ;

       ● Businesses, business stakeholders of all sectors, legal forms, structures and 
Our causes: 
We aim to: 

       ● Strengthen the role of the family and advocate its entity by addressing her needs, clarify rights, and help family members to build healthy ;

       ● Enhance the role of women, protect them and promote their full human, 
civil, economic, social, cultural, leadership and political rights 

       ● Foster the role of children and youth, build their capacities, protect their rights and reinforce an inherent culture of resilience, preparedness, 
accountability and ;

       ● Capitalize on seniors and invest in their ;

       ● Enable the economic and social role of special needs ;

       ● Define the family business characteristics, characteristics, constructs, 
challenges, and prospects, forms, sizes, sectors, and generations in a way that guarantees their stability, development and ;

       ● Preserve the wealth of individuals, family, national, and businesses, in addition to protect their legacy and heritage from extinction, in a way that guarantees economic, social, cultural, environmental and national stability, growth and ;

       ● Embed a culture of governance and compliance and adopt the relevant mechanisms and structures by implementing the rule of law ;

       ● Encourage conventional and unconventional entrepreneurship by reigniting the entrepreneurial collective spirit while identifying innovative ;

       ● Strive to achieve all sustainable development goals in a manner that guarantees the promotion of human rights, equality and social ;

       ● Disseminate a culture of alternative dispute resolution by adopting peaceful means and tools and establishing the necessary mechanisms that guarantee ;
Our services: 
We provide our community with an overarching set of services such as: 

       ● Consultancy & Advocacy 

       ● Alternative conflict Resolution : Mediation 

       ● Conducting studies, writing reports, policy papers, and applied manuals for 
families and their members, family businesses and family wealth of all kinds 

       ● Capacity building and empowerment 

       ● Organizing and participating in the relevant activities and events that 
respond to USULUNA Mission and objectives 

       ● Building the necessary partnerships that align with our services and meet the 
needs of individuals, families, the society, and the economy in general, in a 
manner that guarantees the achievement of human equality and social ;



Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Entreprises et industrie
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Renforcement des compétences
 Jeunes travailleurs
 Industries créatives
 Héritage culturel
 Programme Droits, Égalité et Citoyenneté
 Droit des sociétés

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