Rawan Al Jamal

: 13 mars 2023

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My name is Rawan Al Jamal, Research Assistant in the Marine and Coastal Resources Program at the Institute of the Environment at the University of Balamand.
I have a Master's degree in Marine Biology and Ecology. 
The projects in progress are in partnership with the Lebanese Environmental Forum aiming to create the first Marine Protected Areas Network in Lebanon. I am currently working with an NGO on the installation of BioHuts acting as fish nurseries for juveniles. 
The Calls I am following are marine conservation related and climate change effects on the marine environment.
My cooperation activities would be related to working as a researcher on the field and in the laboratory, as well as drafting scientific reports.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Pêche et alimentation
 Écriture académique

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