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: 2 oct. 2019

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Tirana Ekspres is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 in Tirana/Albania aiming to increase the cultural diversity inclusiveness and educate bright
generation focus on traditional and progressive form of verity of art in
general,  protect and promote a society which is responsible for living in a
healthy environment by decreasing the use of harmful plastic materials
and replacing them with alternative practice and healthful solutions,  filling the lack of a continuous and sustainable alternative ;Also focused on:

  1. Ecology & Environmental protection.
  2. Regional promotion , Eco Tourism & Outdoor.
  3. Building new social and economic prospects for rural & urban ;

Artistic Achievements: 

Visual Art - Tirana Ekspres presented numerous successful exhibitions (such
as photography, paintings, installations, short films)… 50 visual art exhibitions
have been open to the public
Music - Musical performances with national and international performers of
different genres of music. Over 60 bands, national and international musicians,
DJs and orchestras have performed on our premises
Performances – Theatre plays & Live performances
Over 5,000 visitors attended the activities of Tirana Ekspres in a year
Film- Over 50 video, film projections and documentaries

Our Projects :

The Rodon Cape Guards – 2012
Aim: Cleaning one of the mos beautiful and polluted areas in
Ekspres organized fundraising events and 15 cleaning actions with over 600

Eco Center in Ishem – 2013/2014
Aim: Environmental protection of Ishem district including Cape of Rodon
through regional promotion, scientific and cultural activities.

Atlantid Beach – 2014/2016
Aim: Promoting Regional Environment, Eco-Tourism and outdoor sports in
the area of Ishëm

Factory of Memories – 2015 - 2016
Aim: We created an artist in residency with 8 artists from Western Balkans
countries where they had the opportunity to create 8 short films after intensive
workshop sessions in Albania & BiH. This project was supported by BAC.

Tek Bunkeri – 2017
Aim: Using bunkers in Albania as new cultural spaces. Giving unused bunkers
a new vision and function.

Legend of the holly place – 2017/ ongoing
Aim: Creating a cycle of animated movies for children in order to show to
them the ancient history of our country.

In_NovaMusEUm: Museums come back to the local community through Art&Food – the main objective was to help strengthen the capacity to attract new audiences of European museums located in peripheral areas, through activities of audience development related to Art&Food, transnational mobility and trainings for artistic curators and museum directors.

RecycledPast / Upcycled Future: A social innovation project for sustainable rural development in the villages of Nivica, Gusmar, Progonat in Tepelena Municipality to create local employment and provide training for plastic recycling and the creation of an artisanal plastic recycling and upcycling workspace. Villagers are trained in sorting, collecting and processing plastic trash into new design items, and entrepreneurial skills. distribution channels and a brand are being developed. Duration June-September 2019.

Tirana Trails is a project by Tirana Ekspres in collaboration with the Agency of Parks and Recreation of the Municipality of Tirana (APR), to build a network of trails around the city of Tirana. The soft hills, the ancient villages, the olive groves, the Mediterranean scents, the looming castles, the monuments, the caves, the forests, the lakes, and the idyllic landscapes, offer an unused opportunity to build new social and economic prospects for rural and urban Tirana.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Développement durable
 Tourisme durable
 Développement de projets

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