Tim Van Aken

: 2 nov. 2018

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Motivated team player and team coach with strong social skills, a sense of organisation and a great sense of responsibility wants to put his knowledge and skills into practice in a good team spirit and to further develop them both within Catholic Education Flanders and externally. I believe in "The Speed of Trust" (Stephen Covey, 2006) to evolve "From good to great" (Jim Collins, 2010) through scrum. "Leading professionals? Don't do it! (Mathieu Weggeman, 2008). I believe that employees do the right things, and I assume that they do the right things well. I want to coach them to find out how they know this and to check together whether others think this is also the case in order to finally put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice. "My manager is a hero" (Jef Staes, 2009) and "My organisation is a jungle" (Jef Staes, 2007) and so we become "Succesful together - 10 keys for collaborative leadership" (Aini-Kristiina Jäppinen, 2015).

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 Apprentissage des adultes
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie

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