: 4 août 2017

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SYNYO is an independent research, innovation and technology organisation which develops new approaches for addressing major societal challenges including technological solutions. In order to foster science with and for societies, SYNYO puts a strong emphasis on social research. Generating valuable insights into issues of societal relevance help understand and support inclusive, reflective and sustainable societies. Rather than focusing on one special subject in social sciences, SYNYO attaches great importance to interdisciplinarity and considers the wide range of social research from various disciplines and stakeholder perspectives. The research processes and proprietary methodologies are designed to convert complex information into clear and precise insights for developing definitive actions addressed to various stakeholder groups. SYNYO has access to a vast network of knowledge including research institutions, networking organisations, technology providers and industry leaders.

The SYNYO team consists of high-skilled researchers with different academic backgrounds including social and communication sciences. Furthermore, a team of excellent developers generates collaborative systems targeting large end-user groups. They create modern graphical interfaces to transmit a bigger visual human perception and to ensure security. The innovative spirit and the lean management create the baseline for successful solutions.

SYNYO is well connected within the scientific community and will provide own research and innovation network platforms in near future. In 2015 and 2016, SYNYO was among the Top 3 most successful research-oriented SMEs in Austria (H2020 Performance Monitor by FFG-the Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Développement urbain
 Horizon Europe
 Société numérique

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