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SYNYO GmbH is a global-acting enterprise focusing on research, innovation and technology located in Vienna, Austria. SYNYO explores, develops and implements novel methods, approaches, technologies and solutions in various domains tackling societal, political, ecological and economical challenges. Analysing the impact of emerging technologies from an interdisciplinary perspective SYNYO has a multi-angled view on diverse topics. The SYNYO team consists of 30 high-skilled employees specialized in various scientific and technical fields like Social Sciences, Safety & Security, Energy & Sustainability, Urban Future, Smart Technologies, Smart Health, or Digital Systems.

Within all projects the interdisciplinary team of SYNYO is taking over roles along the whole project lifecycle including basic investigations, requirements analyses, concept designs, implementations, development, piloting, validations as well as research dissemination, communication and exploitation tasks.


 Développement urbain
 Horizon Europe

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