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: 20 avr. 2020

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The National Energy Research Center (NERC) which is one of the specialized technical centers of the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), has been established in Jordan for the purposes of research, development and training in the fields of new and renewable energy and raising the standards of energy use in the different sectors.

The center consists of four specialized divisions which carry out technical work and implement projects:

  1. Wind Energy Division
  2. Photovoltaic Division
  3. Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Division
  4. Oil shale and Bioenergy Division


In addition, NERC has 5 specialized RE/EE testing laboratories as follows:

  • Air conditioners testing lab
  • Clothes washers testing lab
  • Refrigerators testing lab
  • Solar thermal system testing lab
  • Lighting testing lab
  • Photovoltaic system testing lab


NERC’s Role:

  • Research and technological Center specialized in RE/EE: it works on developing and implementing research for new energy technologies and technically supporting the market for the penetration and the implementation of these technologies.
  • National Energy Center: working on energy planning and policy for RE/EE and developing the necessary infrastructure to support the implementation of RE/EE investment projects. In this role, NERC is the official Jordanian government consultant on matters of RE/EE national policy, strategy and planning, carrying out research in development of innovative technologies which are both technically and economically viable and environment friendly;
  • Carry out demonstration and pilot projects within Jordan and within the region through partnerships to promote the above technologies.
  • Provide technological services and advice in the form of specialized knowhow and information to third parties, supervise the implementation of commercial RE/EE applications in relevant energy projects of the private sector, local authorities, professional associations, etc.
  • Disseminates information on RE/EE technologies organizations and investors.
  • Provides important services to third parties (private investors, companies) and to local authorities, concerning the exploitation of the technical and techno-economic possibilities for the application of RES/ RUE/ES.


NERC is intended to:

1. Perform studies, research, and experimental projects in the following fields:

  • Use of the local new and renewable energy sources like oil shale, wind energy, solar energy, biomass and geothermal sources to increase their contribution to satisfy the Kingdom's energy needs.
  • Development of different methods of energy use and rationalization to increase efficiency of energy use, decrease national energy cost and protect the environment.

2. Manage and operate laboratories, units and research & experimental stations to develop and use new and renewable energy sources.

3. Carry out training courses, seminars and workshops to enhance and develop local abilities and technologies necessary for the use of new and renewable energies.

4. Collaborate with local, regional and international entities to enhance the abilities of the Center in order to attain the desired goals.

5. Establish national information database on RE/EE to provide needed information to decision makers and researchers.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Efficacité énergétique
 Énergie renouvelable

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