Alaa Jafer

: 24 mars 2020

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This Ala' Jafer, I am writing on behalf of Agro for Consultations and Training Co. "ACT" regarding the business partnership.
In small brief, our company  “ACT” which refers to Agro for Consultations and Training, was established as part of the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association as a non-profit organization specialized in agricultural and environmental studies and consultation, with an important applied role through the implementation of specialized technical projects and training programs to empower the women and youth in the agricultural ;
Through ACT, our goals are; saving water by designed the Hydroponics systems and irrigation networks with high efficiency, raise the knowledge of the modern agriculture practices through (training courses, workshop, filed days), create job opportunities for women and youth in the environment and agriculture sectors, and the volunteer work specifically with the disabilities. We are confident that our experiences, partnerships and skills will make innovations, professionalism and results through projects.


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 Sécurité alimentaire

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