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: 17 mai 2016

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Since the late 1990s we have been engaged in research on European indigenous food produce, traditional food culture and sustainable food systems, for the purpose of generating multimedia in the form of apps, books, booklets, films, podcasts and web magazines. We call our research work the Fricot Project. This is a quest to find the origins of traditional recipes that have evolved through generations, and the traditional foods that have remained popular. Their re-emergence in the kitchens of imaginary bakers and visionary chefs is we believe the start of a new food revolution that has roots in sustainable food security and the protection of localised employment. For several years we have been collaborating with like-minded people to form consortia with the collective expertise to draw down funds from the EU's various programmes and from other sources. Now we are seeking partners who understand the need to put all the research on sustainable food systems and indigenous food cultures into practical use. For that we have proposed a model we hope can be replicated throughout every region of Europe. We have given this event an generic title -The Sustainable Food Festival. We expect it will become an annual international co-event held in rural and semi-urban regions across Europe. Designed to establish sustainable food security as an essential fabric of society, it will highlight indigenous food produce, specifically geographic specific products, and traditional food cultures by proposing the need to introduce sustainable food systems including local short food-chain programmes at food fairs and festivals, food street markets and food events. There will be several 'living laboratory' SFF events in 2016 that will produce data to be used in proposals under the February round of H2020 SFS.

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 Pêche et alimentation
 Ressources forestières
 Ressources génétiques
 Santé des plantes
 Héritage culturel
 Europe créative
 Horizon Europe

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