Sergio Figueiras Gómez

: 11 sept. 2018

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Bahía Software accumulates 20 years of experience in the digital world. The company has developed start-of-the-art projects in collaboration with medical doctors and health professionals. Located in Galicia, a region amply recognized by the European Commission by its advanced and integrated EHR and ehealth infrastructures, the company has developed several transformative projects like large platforms to share clinical images, advanced systems to manage surgical rooms and complex systems to digitalize biobank and Anatomy pathology samples.

As a rapid growth and high innovative company, Bahía Software is now expanding its project activities to other areas like Smart Cities and UAVs (drones), but it remains very much focused on the ehealth sector. The company has significant experience in the development of Public Procurement of Innovation projects at national and international level.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Soins de santé
 Villes intelligentes
 Horizon Europe

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