Rita Giacaman

: 16 août 2018

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Professor of Public Health, combining teaching with research, using in research a multidisciplinary approach to understanding health; focus on health and mental health in wars and conflicts; women's health; youth, adolescents, and the midlife of women. Takes into consideration . physical, social, psychological, cultural, environmental and political factors associated with health.

 Research and Training in Mental health in Conflict: . working on developing a scale which can assess uncertainty and its relation to health, as part of a conceptualization of health in conflict through the pathway of suffering. Training in qualitative and quantitative methods of mental health research in conflict

Reproductive and Sexual Health of Adolescent Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank and Jordan

Exposure to political violence in various forms and health, with a focus on mental health and NCDs

Various type of cooperation activities with: The Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut; the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East: King's College, London; the Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance; Medecins du Monde and a range of other local non-governmental organizations.

Secteurs d'expertise:

 Renforcement des compétences
 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Soins de santé
 Fonds Asile, Migration et Intégration (AMIF)
 Horizon Europe
 Programme Droits, Égalité et Citoyenneté
 Subventions EEE et Norvège

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