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: 28 déc. 2021

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Boaz Karni is a co-Founder of ECF and currently serves as the organization's CFO. In addition to his management duties, Boaz is a key player in all matters related to Israel’s security, including coordination of ECF's activities with the Israeli security agencies when required by law. 


Boaz has long been an informal advisor to several Israeli politicians and a frequently sought-after briefer for foreign diplomats visiting or stationed in Israel. His network of contacts in the Palestinian leadership –  municipal and national, civilian and security – and in Israel, have served not only to diffuse crises, but also to produce understandings, which have restored and helped to sustain stability. He is one of the initiators of the Geneva Initiative and the Chairman of the Board of H.L. Education for Peace (The Geneva Initiative). 


Alongside Yossi Beilin, he coordinated the development of the concept that led to the creation of the educational program "Taglit-Birthright," which sends thousands of young Jewish adults from all over the world to Israel, and he was one of the founders of the "Movement to Leave Lebanon Peacefully" in 1997.

Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF)


The Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF) is a leading Israeli think-tank and policy planning organization that is committed to creating the necessary conditions for a successful resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and for the realization of a viable two-state solution. ECF’s core belief is that the fulfillment of the two-state solution is critical for Israel to remain a democratic and Jewish state.


In pursuit of this mission, ECF designs and promotes policies to: (1) enhance regional contribution to the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, (2) advance constructive steps enhancing stability and progress towards a two-state reality, and (3) harness international engagement in support of the two-state solution.


Approach and current focus

Since its founding and subsequent launching of the Oslo peace process in 1991, ECF has operated with discretion and professionalism and cultivated effective channels of communication with all Israeli governments – left, right, and center – as well as with relevant Palestinian, regional, and international actors. ECF's discretion has provided all parties with a secure environment to engage in dialogues on issues of mutual concern away from the media and the public eye; some are bilateral (Israel-Palestine, Israel-Jordan, Israel-Egypt), some trilateral (Israel-Palestine-Jordan), and others multilateral-regional (Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE).


With 30 years of involvement in all peace efforts, ECF is renowned for the depth of expertise of its staff and advisors – which include former government and security officials – as well as the quality of its networks and the viability of its ideas. ECF’s practical approach has made it the go-to address for decisionmakers’ inquiries when they need creative, feasible, and implementable solutions to matters relating to the conflict.

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