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: 14 déc. 2020

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Pharmaceutical company Gurila.

Production of innovative medicines based on a super-effective natural active substance that we have developed.

We are the developers of  unique pharmaceutical products based on the Brand Natural New Active Substance, which provides a comprehensive regenerating effect on various problem areas of a living organism.
There are no analogues to regenerating medicines in any R&D of the world's pharmaceutical companies.
For example, these regenerating products are extremely effective in treatment of liver cirrhosis of various etiologies previously officially considered incurable (ascites goes away after 15 days, cirrhosis changes into fibrosis after 30-50 days, the period of complete hepatic regeneration is about 6 months). They are also effective against genital herpes virus (6–9 months), effective against hepatitis of various etiologies, including such as B, C, and D ( viral load is reduced by half every 26 days, after a course of therapy, the virus is not detected in the blood, the patient ceases to be a virus carrier),   drugs restore the liver in case of fatty hepatosis, pulmonary tuberculosis including MDR TB/ XDR TB (after 26 days an active form of stage 4 changes into stage 2-3 of latent form), lymphosarcoma, fibroma, myoma and pyelonephritis. The drugs prevent diabetic foot gangrene extremities. After the therapy patients no longer need previously recommended heart bypass surgery. The drug restores the function of the pancreas, for example, the bend of the pancreas disappears, and gives a complete restoration of long-term erectile dysfunction. The condition of patients with Alzheimer disease, Down's syndrome, encephalopathy, encephalitis and other diseases improves significantly without any side effects. The drugs have a strong antifibrotic effect, they dissolve scars on heart after myocardial infarction. Heart tissue completely regenerates within 6 months. This is only what we have studied so far.
We are absolutely positive and have no doubt that in the future studies this list will only increase and
cover a number of serious nosologies, including those considered incurable.
The studies have been going on for more than 25 years and there are no analogues in the world either in action or in composition. The new natural Active Substance is protected by patents  in several countries and consists only of minerals and medicinal herbs with know-how technology, which provides unique regenerative ;
Earlier in the late 90's, our 1st generation "Margali" preparation was successfully marketed in North America under the private label "Hepatico", it was flagship product, best-seller.

Published clinical study of our early drug "Margali"
Publication in the famous newspaper "Arguments and Facts" in 1996
BUT, it was the 1st generation drug, now the effectiveness of the 5th generation drugs has increased by 10 times, there are absolutely no side effects, the time of effect on the patient's body has been reduced, for example, the course of taking drugs for 6 months replaces the liver transplant surgery for liver cirrhosis. In 2012, 4 brand new nutritional supplements were registered in Kazakhstan, of which 2 were registered as medicines drugs in Georgia in 2016.

We are interested in partners to bring our innovative regenerating drugs to the international market. Due to the strict regulation of medicines, we offer the release of our products in the form of supplements for health, special medical food and other products within the framework of the legislation.

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