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: 1 avr. 2019

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Optima Energy Consulting (Optima EC) is a niche economics and legal advisory practice providing services in Energy and Water Policy, Law, Regulation, Business Planning, Renewable Developing projects, Energy Efficiency Audits, District Heating Distribution, Water Utility Management, Water Efficiency Analytics, Irrigation, Climate Change, Feasibility Studies and Investment analysis for Water and Energy sector.

Optima Energy Consulting was established by a group of professionals with an economic, engineering, technical, legal and financial background. The key staff has a proven track record in energy and water sector studies, market analysis, the setting of tariffs and price reviews, energy efficiency audits, district heating, water utility management, water sector policy frameworks, regulatory risk analysis, investment appraisal, expert witness and financial management. Our work is underpinned by detailed and robust modeling and analytics.

Our team is composed of individuals with experience in international and local markets, with relevant professional qualifications and expertise. Additionally, Optima EC has in its disposal a pool of professional experts who are engaged in specific project roles, enabling to provide a complete range of services in the fields of energy, water, and renewables.

Since its establishment, Optima EC has been engaged in various projects in the energy and water sector, predominantly with international donors projects. Through these projects, Optima EC managed to cover the loopholes in Kosovo's energy laws by drafting regulatory secondary legislation and conduct legal and financial analysis. Also, Optima EC has managed to create an impact on the growth of renewable energy investments by helping investors evaluate their investments and facilitate the legal barriers they face and raise awareness on energy efficiency for households. Moreover, Optima EC provides assistance to develop changing behaviors for energy efficiency improvements. Optima EC energy efficiency service begins with our specialists in energy consumption and energy cycles who utilize our in-house expertise in equipment and industrial processes. Optima EC also offers services in District Heating providing clients with flexible, comprehensive and customized solutions for all project phases. In its disposal Optima has experts with over 30 years’ of experience in water public utilities in Kosovo, holding the position of chief executive in the biggest water company in Kosovo. Improvement of water resource management, improvement of environmental conditions and restoration of open river canals are some of the projects our experts implemented. We perform audits, preliminary route planning for district heating systems, as well as economic appraisals.

Utilizing the expert's list that Optima has in disposal, we have managed to successfully complete many projects in Kosovo, this has made us be the most competent company in these two sectors. Some of the projects that we have implemented are as mentioned below;

Energy Community – Technical assistance for the implementation of Regulation 347/2013 and drafting a Manual of Procedures for projects of Energy Community Interest which serves as a guiding tool to the Government for projects being implemented in two or more countries.

World Bank – Regulatory support for Renewable Energy Framework. The scope of work included a detailed analysis by conducting several interviews with RES developers for the existing policy and regulatory framework to identify possible barriers for investing in Renewable Energy projects. Optima EC provided policy recommendations on overcoming these obstacles.

USAID – Kosovo Clean Energy Task Order “Repower Kosovo”. Provided legal advisory services for the beneficiaries, ERO (Energy Regulatory Office), MED (Ministry of Economic Development), KEK ( Energy Corporation of Kosovo), KOSTT (Kosovo Transmission Operator). Through this project, Optima EC has conducted analysis and studies on the legal gaps of Kosovo’s Energy Law and drafted related secondary legislation.

Triangle General Contractors, Inc - Review relevant provisions of their existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and calculate of possible scenarios for determining the Purchase Price for one of their hydropower plants, in line with ERO’s principles of allowed revenue determination.

Solar Green Energy LLC – Developed the application of authorization for construction of photovoltaic power plant of 3 MW.

Kosovo Energy Corporation JSC – Technical assistance and provided technical support for the tariff process on behalf of the Regular Adjustment of their Maximum Allowed  Revenues as set by the Energy Regulatory Office for a five- year period.

The calls we are following are from Horizon 2020 Programme:

  • LC-SC3-RES-16-2019 Development of solutions based on renewable sources that provide flexibility to the energy system.
  • LC-SC3-EE-2-2018-2019 Integrated home renovation services
  • LC-SC3-EE-8-2018-2019 Capacity building programmes to support the implementation of energy audits.



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 Économie sobre en carbone
 Efficacité énergétique
 Énergie intelligente
 Énergie renouvelable
 Horizon Europe
 Droit des sociétés
 Droit civil
 Direction financière

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