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: 1 août 2016

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NGO-Prosperiteti was established in 2006 in Gjakova ( Kosovo ) with the aim to better the status of
Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities as deeply marginalized and deprived groups in the modernday Kosovo, through implementation and supporting activities emerging from the following pillars of
our work: access to health and education, participation in decision- making processes, raising
awareness about gender based violence and patriarchal forms disabling the empowerment of women;
repatriation of the ROMA , ASHKALI &EGYPTIAN who fled Kosovo during the war and conservation of
the cultural and historical heritage of them.
We have streamlined our efforts and willingness to undertake the everyday challenges as we the ROMA
, ASHKALI &EGYPTIAN community members face via providing multiple media platforms and ensuring
the inclusion of ROMA , ASHKALI &EGYPTIAN into the decision-making processes, thus making socioeconomic inclusion of ROMA , ASHKALI &EGYPTIAN a more feasible goal. NGO Prosperiteti chose to
focus its activities in the sectors of education and culture whilst being undoubtedly committed to
ensuring gender equality, providing humanitarian aid and supporting reintegration of repatriated
persons, as the stepping stones for equality and equity based society, through coordinated efforts and
decisiveness of its members. NGO prosperity is a home-grown initiative, coming to be out of the intrinsic
values and need to contribute of its members, themselves belonging to each of three targeted
communities. . Currently, the NGO has over 15 members, all aged from 17 to 30 contributing to the
overall goal of socio-economic inclusion and bettering of the ROMA , ASHKALI &EGYPTIAN communities
in Kosovo. NGO-Prosperiteti has been focusing its human resources into cultural and media activities,
through cooperating with a wide number of relevant stakeholders. Our members stand firmly in
offering their support to all the community members on daily basis as we believe that humanitarian
work, benevolence and dedication are the basic preconditions for ensuring equity and equality.
In the past period the NGO has been engaged in raising the awareness of the ROMA , ASHKALI
&EGYPTIAN and the mainstream society when it comes to the gender stereotyping thru artistic
performances, including 27 theatre plays, concerts and cultural events, as well as the production of two
documentary films. One of the main contributions to safeguarding the culture of the Egyptian
community and offering a reliable source of information, hence supporting transparent and information
based society has been the founding of the first Egyptian radio in the Balkans- an initiative providing a
safe, common space for the ROMA , ASHKALI &EGYPTIAN in Kosovo and diaspora to take stock and
jointly, publicly address the most crucial impediments to the sustainable development of their
communities. Radio Prosperiteti, which was founded on 23 July 2013 and is based in Gjakova and is the
first online media in the Balkans, who broadcast also in Regional Television  in Gjakova ,  dedicated to the Roma , Ashkali and Egyptian community with the aim to promote and
preserve the identity, culture and heritage ,  on their path of actualizing their potential and achieving allencompassing inclusion into the modern Kosovan society.

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 Éducation et formation
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Film et média
 Nouveau média

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