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: 28 août 2018

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The Belsh Municipality is located in the central region of Albania. Known for its rare natural beautiful karstic lakes, Belsh lies on a plateau (Pllaja e Dumrese) with low rolling hills that have an average elevation of 200-250 m above sea level.

Belsh is bordered to the east by the Devoll River, the north by the cities of Cerrik and Peqin, the west by the city of Lushnje and in the south by Kucove.

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Country           Albania

Region             Elbasan                                        

Population       33,026 (2018)                                       




Ensuring high quality of life for all residents within the Municipality of Belsh, through effective management of resources and facilities allocated to each Administrative Unit.


We will strive to serve the best interests of the community by providing essential services to all areas within the jurisdiction. The Municipality will support the sustainable development of resident capacities, to ensure the possibility of fruitful and healthy lives.


Within the new territorial reform, Municipality of Belsh has identified the following priority areas:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Environmental Protection
  3. Tourism Development
  4. Agricultural Development
  5. Social Welfare

Economic Development

The majority of initiatives focused on economic development within Belsh include the advancement of Agriculture and Tourism. Some of the key projects that are set to be implemented in the near future are:

  • Investing in Tourism and Agro-tourism
  • Creation and support of the medical crop industry
  • Increasing economic incentives for businesses

Agricultural Development

Agricultural development is extremely important for the Belsh Municipality. The Municipality of Belsh is composed of 5 administrative units: Belsh, Fierz, Grecan, Kajan, and Rrase. Priorities in agriculture are:

  • Union of Farmers in the Agricultural Cooperative Society
  • Finding markets for selling products
  • Encouraging agro-processing of livestock and livestock products
  • Addition the medicinal planting industry
  • Promoting the consumption of local products.

Environmental Protection

Belsh is working to strike a balance between preserving the environment and furthering the development of urban areas. The environmental challenges that the region faces are issues related to waste management, land and water protection, natural environment sustainability and protection of forests and lakes. The main projects drafted by the municipality to implement in the future are:

  • Establish a municipal waste management system
  • Protection of the lakes from pollution
  • Protection of the forests
  • Wastewater treatment in the city of Belsh

Social Programs

Social welfare programs in Belsh are designed to protect citizens from economic dangers and life insecurities. The most common types of programs offer support for the elderly or pensioners, the sick, the disabled or the mentally disabled and the unemployed. The focus of social welfare initiative is:

  • Establishing support for victims of violence
  • Establishing a center for people with mental disabilities
  • Creation of a Youth Center

Belsh Municipality is cooperating to provide improved services to its residents. The Municipality cooperates with different organizations, associations, and donors in the social field.

The municipality is working in the future to create a center for elderly who no longer have access to family support.

It is also working to create a youth center in Belsh. It is open to any kind of cooperation in the social field to facilitate life for the citizens in need.

Tourism Development

Tourism is a new priority for the Belsh Municipality. Beautiful landscapes in all the lakes of the region provide outdoor activities such as bicycle tours, lakeside camps, and boating. In the city of Belsh, recent investments have created an attractive environment for domestic and foreign visitors. The region has received some small investments to fund tourism infrastructure. These funding have helped with the construction of hostels, walking paths and bicycle routes. The Municipality of Belsh is working to attract additional investors to:

  • Develop new paths and create a connecting route between major lakes
  • Train tour guides that will highlight the natural beauty of the region
  • Improve the of infrastructure (roads, road signs, etc.)
  • Support the opening of additional accommodation establishments (hostels, hotels, guest houses, etc.)
  • Establishment of Seferan resort village in the framework of 100 tourist villages
  • Protection, promotion, and restoration of historic monuments

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Développement rural
 Renforcement des compétences
 Protection environnementale
 Éducation et formation
 Europe pour les citoyens
 Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER)

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