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: 11 avr. 2017

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MCI is the world’s leading provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions and has been a key driver of innovation in the meetings, events, association, and congress industries since it was founded in 1987. Over the years, we have delivered many events of all sizes for the European Commission. We are also proud to have partnered to realise some of its most important ambitions, most recently by co-producing the EU pavilion at the Milan Expo attracting more than 650 000 visitors.

MCI BENELUX SA was founded in 2003, as a merger between MCI and GIC Management (originally founded in 1991). The Brussels office employs 110+ professionals originating from more than 20 countries. In total, 50% of our employees are dedicated to events and congresses management, while 40 % work in communication and association management. MCI Brussels works with public bodies such as the European Commission, non-profit European and international associations as well as corporate companies around the world.

From Brussels, we organise around 160 events per year from 50 to 12 000 participants. Within our Brussels office there are 11 different nationalities: Australian, Belgian, German, Dutch, Moroccan, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Romanian with 18 different languages spoken


Thanks to its public policy and association management capabilities, MCI Brussels has gained thorough experience in EU policies. MCI Brussels works closely with EU stakeholders’ communities in various areas such as transport and mobility, advanced (and additive) manufacturing, energy, ICT and digital, healthcare, regional policies and entrepreneurship.


In Europe, MCI has 25 offices in 14 European countries. It is also supported by and regularly cooperates with a network of 38 “Destination Management Companies” in Europe allowing us to have fully dedicated partners to achieve events in all 28 EU member states and 274 official EU regions. In 2014, MCI European offices organised over 2 500 events. MCI Benelux alone organised 249 events. 60% of our events welcome less than 200 participants and 5% over 450 participants. MCI BENELUX SA is a recognised event partner of the European institutions. MCI organised every year over 4,500 events


As an example, MCI BENELUX is the education and event partners of many large professional communities including

  • ISPE, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (Pharma Expo, 2015)
  • ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (IEDT Conference, 2015)
  • TERMIS (World Congress, 2015)
  • IUPESM, International Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (World Congress 2015)
  • IEEE, Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE MTT-S, 2015)


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Our expertise in research project management could be summarized as follows: 

  • We raise public awareness and disseminate research projects by organizing promotion stands, seminars, workshops, conferences at relevant industry exhibitions
  • We establish communication channels and create working groups for manufacturers in order to promote the new solutions and other benefits offered by research project to all stakeholders
  • We support the application of project results and findings and their industrial validation
  • We enable links between project results and standardization as well as policies and regulations
  • We build platforms to bring together research partners and external stakeholders ( companies) which are interested in project findings and to facilitate the commercialization of projects

MCI is also an active player in European level research projects and other platforms either as a coordinator or a participant. Currently, we are involved in the 4DHybrid Project, whose objective is to develop a new concept of hybrid additive manufacturing based on the modular integration of compact, low cost modules including laser source, deposition head, sensors and control. Among the participants a prominent role is played by Primaindustrie, GE and Siemens.


At this point, we would like to know if you could be interested in MCI involvement in your project consortium and we would appreciate if you could provide us with further information on your future projects strategies. We believe MCI could make a significant contribution as a partner of the project consortium.

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 Entreprises et industrie
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Biotechnologie médicale
 Design industriel

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