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: 26 juin 2019

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Kurbin Municipality profile for EU Project partnership

The Municipality of Kurbin lies in the North-West of Albania and is bordered to the North with the Municipalities of Lezha and Mirdita, on the East with Mat Municipality, on South with Kruja and Durrës Municipalities and on the West with the Adriatic Sea. It consists of 4 administrative units: Laç, Mamurras, Fushë-Kuqe and Milot. Kurbini is known for the Patok lagoon and it carries tourist due to its geographical position in the Adriatic Sea which makes it also rich in  natural resources.

General Data and contacts:

Country           Albania

Population       74,780

Area                 269 km2




The vision of  Kurbin Municipality is to ensure the good governance of the territory and its citizens offering efficient and effective services, respecting the identity and  the values of the community.



The mission of the Kurbin Municipality is related to promoting all the development sectors : Economy, Tourism, Agriculture, Environmental and Social Welfare, throught development and management of  various projects that affect the overall development and wellbeing of the area.


Priority areas of development

In the framework of the Local Development General Plan, Kurbin Municipality has identified the following priority area :

1. Economic Development

2. Tourism Development

3. Environment protection

4. Agriculture Development

5. Social Welfare


Economic Development

Economic development is one of the main goals of every municipality. Kurbin Municipality in the Local Government Plan has planned the realization of some projects related to the retraining of areas that includes Kurbin area. Development of components like; agriculture, infrastructure, employment, tourism and development of  local businesses etc., all are related with this priority.


Tourism Development

Tourism is seen as one of the strong points and the focus of many developments. All of them are focused on the main tourist attractions. Some of the projects that are foreseen by Kurbin Municipality for tourism development are:


·         Tourist development of Lake Shkopeti.

·         Natural tourism exploitation of Patoku lagoon

·         Mountain Tourism in Trodhen

·         Development of the church Shen Ndout area

·         Tourist-oriented road to Old Kurbin

·         Development of coastal tourism near the village of Adriatic

·         Utilization for the natural tourism of the Cabok Island

·         Laç / Patok cycling route


Environment protection

Environmental challenges in the territory of Kurbin Municipality relate to waste management, land and water protection, protection of the blue zone that includes the lagoon and Patoku coast, as well as the protection of forests, pastures and lakes. Kurbin Municipality is pursuing an approach that brings improvement and protection of the environment, by minimizing the challenges mentioned.  Some of the future projects for this sector are:  

·         Waste management at the local level

·         Protection of forests

·         Protecting the Blue Zone from pollution


Agriculture Development

Agriculture and livestock farming have a great potential for socio-economic development for the area. The induction of the tourism sector, in turn, promotes the short chain of local food production, income from agriculture and livestock of the inter-bandage of the territory. The following interventions are proposed for the transformation of the agricultural production sector in the Kurbin area:

·         Setting up of the  infrastructure for collection, storage, refrigeration and distribution of local agro-food products.

·         Creation of a local trading area  for domestic products;

·         Encouraging the establishment and operation of agricultural consortium and shorter forms of agro-industrial chains related to the specific requirements created by tourism and agro-tourism flows.


Social welfare

The Social Welfare Program in Kurbin Municipality is designed to support citizens throught life's complications in order to manage various related social problems. Targeted people include the elderly, the homeless, the disabled, the street children, the economically ineffective families. Kurbin Municipality's focus in this area is:

·         Establishment of social housing scheme for homeless people

·         Increase the number of the Municipality staff psychotherapists and social workers  to ensure better management of different social cases.


Kurbin Municipality wants to improve the services, offering a better quality to citizens through cooperation with various institutions or NGOs. Kurbin Municipality is open to new collaborations to put in place different projects to achieve new standards that will bring us closer to the European Union.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Développement rural
 Développement urbain
 Transport durable
 Coopération transfrontalière
 Europe pour les citoyens

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