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Kossi Atsou-Dzini

: 9 juin 2016

A propos

Kossi Atsou-Dzini has an expertise in corporate finance, management, public finance, international finance, money and banking, and debt with several years experience at the Central Bank of West African States and the International Monetary Fund. Integrated the private sector and NGO some five years ago motivated by the challenges to help private companies and deprived people to better participate in the production and income generating activities.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Audits et Contrôles
 Gestion des déchets
 Développement durable
 Développement et coopération
 Politique régionale
 Budgétisation et prévision
 Développement de projets
 Gestion de projet
 Gestion d'entreprise
 Écriture académique

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