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: 16 mai 2019

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We are Korea National Oil corporation (KNOC) invite you to partner with us and benefit in our 2019 Loan funding program.

Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) is a financial Giant in private joint stock company, which specializes in Finance & Investment activities in real estate and hospitality,industrial and sustainable technologies, strategic financial investments, Starting up a Franchise, Business Acquisition, Business Expansion, Commercial Real Estate purchase,Contract Execution, specialized education, healthcare services, Agriculture, manufacturing, mining, Energy and additional environmentally sustainable projects equity position with 3 to 5 years hold.

KNOC offer % commission to brokers, who wish to work with us by presenting viable project owners for project finance or other opportunities.

Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) is acting as a lender and the fund will be disbursed on a clear interest rate of annually to our partners and Entrepreneurs for their investment projects.

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