Karolien Luwel

: 28 sept. 2021

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I’m a track counselor at a centre of part-time vocational training in Leuven.

In Belgium, there is compulsory education until 18. From the age of 16 (and in some cases even 15) part-time education is possible.

Pupils who are enrolled in a system of part-time vocational training, have to combine the component ‘Learning’ with the component ‘Working’.
Learning means that they have general courses and vocational courses:
-The general courses consist of an integrated form of mathematical and language skills among other goals. Pupils follow the general courses 7 hours weekly.

-The pupils follow also vocational courses for 8 hours weekly.

Next to the component Learning there is the component working. There are different forms or ways of working. The result of the screening will give an indication which form matches with the youngster.

Pupils engage themselves for 28 hours weekly, meaning the component working and the component working together.

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 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie

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