Jonas Van Eyck

: 4 janv. 2023

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Benin suffers from extremely poor air quality and has an economy that generates little added value. On top of that the average access rate to electricity is around 30%. Baobab Energie builds a new ecosystem which will use high capacity batteries to help improve air quality and access to electricity.

The core of Baobab energie is a versatile battery which can be used to power both high power electric motorbikes (48V) and household devices like light, smartphones, fridges, computers running on 12V.

value adding activities like battery assembly and solar energy generation will help Benin to generate capital within its borders. With petrol driven motorbikes, all is imported from neighbouring countries.

Baobab Energie builds this ecosystem in collaboration between technical experts and local institutions. Just like Baobab Express the goal is to set up a profitable company fully managed by local people. Baobab Energie has the potential to be deployed in other countries in Africa.

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 Énergie renouvelable

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